Quake Champions Thoughts

I’ve had the Quake Champions Beta for two weeks now and I feel that I am ready to share my thoughts on it.

Disclaimer: I am a veteran Quake player. That does not mean I am the next best thing to sliced bread. I am not. I was never a champion. I am however quite experienced in Most Things Quake. I have also dabbled a bit in map making so I’m also taking that into account.

I will narrow down my thoughts in three sections. What I Like, What Needs Fixing and My General Concerns.

My thoughts are in the perspective of someone who played Quake, Quake 2, Quake III Arena back when they were new. There were things in the Quake community that I miss and things that I do NOT miss.

But. Let’s begin.

What I Like:

  • Graphics versus gameplay. Gorgeous graphics and smooth gameplay.
  • Physics of moving around. Feels Quake. Rocket jumping and bunny hopping. It’s all there.
  • Champion abilities. Yes. I do like it now when I’m used to them. My tip is to learn to use them to your advantage. The other players are. Be sure of that.

What Needs Fixing:

  • We need dedicated servers with a server browser interface.
  • Lack of community feel. This goes together with lack of dedicated servers. As things are now you are simply thrown in to a random server with random players.
  • How would clans work in the current setup? Again.. dedicated servers..
  • Ability to create custom mods. For example: Instagib would be sweet, or Rocket Arena, or remove all Champion abilites and be able to have a “vanilla Q3 feel mod”, for those who wish. Again, dedicated servers are crucial here.
  • Ability to create own maps.
  • Extreme lag at times, might be netcode problems in the beta. Generally smooth though but lag happens.

My General Concerns:

  • How is anti cheat working? Are players cheating now? Cheating was a huge problem especially in the Quake 2 community.
  • The lack of a community feel, due to lack of dedicated servers, makes many players (most actually) complete assholes. Lagkilling. Spawnkilling. Very frustrating. This also results in absolutely NO “GG’s” after a match. I kinda miss that. But again, what’s the point when you are playing on random servers with random people..
  • If we DON’T get to create own maps, how many will there be? I realise the current number should be taken with a grain of salt. It is a beta after all. But some of the existing ones are… lacking. Lockbox for example. I realise there are people who loves it but to me it is nothing but a bullshit map. It reminds me of a Quake 2 map that was kind of similar. Can’t for the life of me remember it’s name.

Conclusion is: I will keep playing regardless. I like it the way it is, don’t misunderstand me. I will adapt to the reality here.

These are my wishes and concerns though.

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