Star Trek: Discovery

We are extremely close now to the point when the brand new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, will premier.

As a Trekkie you’d expect me to be all up in flames here, bouncing around like the Duracell bunny. I am not. I am a bit more cautious and won’t cement myself into one corner before actually watching the first episode.

I am, however, a bit worried about the fact that this new series is taking place a decade before the original series with Kirk and Spock.. So, it is yet another prequel series.. Enterprise, which aired between 2001 and 2005, “only” got four seasons (both TNG and Voy got seven seasons) and I don’t know a whole lot of people enjoying Enterprise at all. I have fears that Discovery will go down the same route.

Oh and what’s up with the “new and improved” Klingons? And Spock has a half-sister (who is never referred to anywhere in the past) and who’s name is Michael??

I hope this will be good anyway, in it’s own way. But I really wanted an actual continuation of the timeline, i e post Voyager. Oh and I wouldn’t mind a Voyager crew movie either, to be honest.

One thing is certain though. I will be the most gorgeous looking Trek so far, that’s for sure, trailer and photos are looking fantastic, technically.

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