Star Trek: Discovery – I’m back paddling..

If you read my blog post from yesterday I suspect it’s quite obvious that I did not have any high hopes for Star Trek: Discovery. I admit it, I thought it was going to suck big time.

I have now watched the first two episodes (that is all that is available as of writing this post).

It did not suck. It was awesome.

We have been treated with all sorts of Star Trek goodies already: Vulcan nerve pinch, mind meld, deaths, drama, humor, action. And they did it WELL. Very well! I laughed, got tears in my eyes, couldn’t breathe out of excitement. The whole nine yards of emotions. Excellent first two episodes!

I am going to be honest, neither The Next Generation nor Voyager got such strong starts as Discovery! This is my opinion though but I stand by it!

I don’t want to spoil too much if you haven’t seen it yet but a lot happened and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! The new look of the Klingons did not bother me at all actually, as I thought it would. It actually worked out very nicely! They look bad-ass and the plot so far is quite Klingon heavy.

The two crew members that I find I connected the most with are Michael Burnham (who I sadly made fun of yesterday) and Saru. Michael is a complex mix of humanity and vulcan cool. Very interesting and it works out very well for the character. She (yes, she) is extremely fierce, a bit hot headed but also has tons of vulcan cool. Saru is in my opinion a very likeable character, he has a bit of Neelix over him (but more competent) and I truly hope they don’t kill him off.

There were a few really precious moments that I want to share:

  • When I realised they are using the old school boing bleeps on the bridge, from the original series.
  • When Sarek appeared. Truly a fantastic moment.

If you love Star Trek I can almost promise you that you will NOT be disappointed.

I hereby apologise for my negative post yesterday. I was wrong and I should have had faith that it would rock!

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